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Cryptocurrency Exchange 3.0


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Admin Dashboard

Full background management tool, including user statistics, financial statistics, asset management, market management, banner management. One click configuration capability.

Blockchain Trade

All of our clients' trades are matched and settled on the blockchain.

Cross-chain mechanism

Based on the ByteTrade Blockchain, the ByteBulls-Dex solution has a full cross-chain mechanism and supports mainstream coins / tokens such as BTC / USDT / ETH / ERC20 / BCH / CMT / CRC20

Power / Speed

Higher matching efficiency and faster settlement speed allow for a better trading experience. The 11 supernodes, which are based on the blockchain, are used globally so that all transactions can be completed within 2 seconds, which is the same trading experience as Coinbase and Binance.

Blockchain Asset Trading / Order Types

With BB DEx, users can easily trade between blockchains. The DEx supports limit/market orders/stop limit orders. Other order types can be upgraded.

KYC function

ByteBulls' decentralised trading system has the best compliance friendliness. To be compatible with regulations/compliance, a KYC module is integrated into the trading platform.

Market Making

Various packages of market making services can be implemented to provide liquidity to the exchange. Use of CCXT certified trading APIs to support a customised market making strategy.

Shared Order Book / Liquidity alliance

All Exchanges using ByteBulls' white label service form a liquidity alliance, enjoying a uniform order book depth for the same market without having to worry about lack of liquidity.